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Has Digital photography taken over film in the studio?


I had a chance to watch a photo shoot for my girlfriend and my little sister one day and I noticed that the photographer did not once use a film camera. Every studio that I have ever been to would typically use a film SLR camera with the proper lighting and flashes, etc. This particular studio only used digital. This wasn’t a digital photography studio either. It was just a regular studio where people would take studio pictures. I’m not photography expert, but what happen to using good old film photography?

The photographer who was shooting a previous group of girls was using a Sony DSC-F828 an 8 mega pixel digital camera and the photographer who was shooting my sister and girlfriend was using a Canon EOS 20D, also an 8 mega pixel camera. Has digital wiped out film in the studio?

When shooting in a studio, proper light and flash equipment is already in use to take the perfect shots. Why is it that photographers are completely converting to digital? What are the differences? One reason is that digital equipment is getting that much better nowadays. It wasn’t too long ago that most digital cameras only had the limit of 4 or 6 mega pixels and picture quality was on the low side due to the technological limitations provided. Now you have digital cameras reaching high resolutions, providing incredible picture quality. The technology breakthroughs digital equipment endured these past few years have proven to us that digital can do just as much a film SLR, possibly even more.

One major difference between the two, digital and film, is control. With digital cameras you have the control to view the pictures you take before even getting near the printing process. In the studio, photographers take tons of pictures and waste an endless amount of film not to mention the ink that is involved in printing the pictures, the solutions used to properly develop the pictures and amount of time it takes to make them. With digital, there is no need to change film. All you need to do is to change a couple of settings in the camera options and you have the control to change the effects of the picture rather than changing the type of film, which is costly.

Lastly a personal tip to you is, if you’re thinking of making photography a hobby, go with digital. Digital although expensive to begin with, will save you tons of money in the long run.

There is always a time and place for film photography but will there be time and a place for you in the developing process for the film? Unless you like to wait a couple hours to get your pictures printed at Walgreen’s then you might disagree. Is Digital taking over film? Possibly.


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