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Summer Hair Styles for 2005


Summer is finally here and you might be thinking, as far as hair style, ďWhat is hot for this summer?" Well, summer time is definitely not the time to sport that beanie! Itís time to let loose with all sorts of different hair styles, whether itís sporting the short bobs that weíve been seeing around or a cascading mass of soft waves. Here are some tips to consider to achieve this summerís hair style.

Colors for this summer

Hair dying has been around for a while now and from the looks of it, itíll be around for a while as well. Although, it has been around now, hair coloring has changed in so many ways. There are so many styles and techniques to help you achieve that unique look.

This summer the classic black look, has taken a lot of different combinations of effects, from slicing to filtering. The reds and browns are applied with light shades to compliment the skin tones. And the blondes have gotten blonder and has transformed into an antique gold tone.


New Hair Styles!


This form of hair cutting is a technique merges point cutting and exaggerated shear-over-comb. This type of cutting is perfect for short cuts. This look is popular because it is custom-cut differently for every person who walks through the door. The hair cut is achieved entirely freehand, following the shape of the head.


Ideally for those who have enough hair to spare, or if the style you already had has lost its shape and does not seem to show to its best advantage. We use this cut to compliment the natural textures. The designer begins sculpting weight out of the interior and trims the outer perimeter. This will result in keeping a more defined shape that will enhance all the natural texture while finishing the look with a product that delivers maximum shine.


This cut is recommended to anyone who wants a more powerful look that is a fun and dramatic length that will give any fine head of hair assertiveness. The shapes within this cut are expressed with strong outlines. It is basically a technique you can go for shag cut, square layered cut or slice cut. It will reveal your feminity and allows for lots of movement in the hair. The best news is that these cuts are just so easy to maintain.


A contoured layered look with lots of chunky pieces produces a versatile style that is functional and fun. A basic shape is defined and heavily texturized. The hair is cut vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
The blunt cut will have a lot of texture and movement in the hair, "Before in the 70s the look used to be heavy but now it is very light and with plenty of texture in the back. Uneven layering takes on a softer, more finished look. Hair is more styled and, believe it or not, less flat. Retaining its natural look, it rediscovers movement..."
Strong, sophisticated and glamorous, hairstyling will be very interesting and fun to play with this coming season. Enjoy!


Written by Nadeem


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