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Long Hair Care Tips


Having to grow that beautiful long hair of yours took years and years of care and we all know that itís a lot harder to keep healthy than shorter or medium length hair. The basic care of washing and drying itself, is quite a task. Here are some hair care tips for those with great lengths?/font>

  • Try to avoid sleeping with very tight braids or pony tails. The tightness and the stress can cause breakage and even hair loss.

  • If your hair is braided or has a pony tail, try to use a specially treated band or scrunchie which can help prevent the breakage. Limit your use on clips, bows and untreated bands.

  • If you plan on growing your hair out more, it is advisable that you trim your hair every 3 months to prevent split ends from breaking the hair.

  • Brushing your hair is important because it helps spread the hairís natural oils. When brushing use long strokes starting from the roots. Stroke your hand over your hair after you are done brushing to get rid of static.

  • When drying your hair, donít rub with a towel. Instead, blot the water out of your hair. Rubbing can cause tangles.

  • When detangling your hair, work your way up from the tips of your hair and up to the hair roots.

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