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Hair products for any hair texture


The best cuts and styles for the trend for today is soft curly and wavy texture. Shoulder to mid back length is in. The large hot roller set is back!

If your hair is thick and curly, chemical retexturizers is the solution to achieve this trend. The hair can be straightened chemically to the optimum texture permanently until the new growth appears.

Wavy hair is perfect for this new trend. Basically, this texture already has the foundation for the look -- no chemicals needed!

I your hair is straight and fine, there are root lifters and volumizers
available. My favorite root lifter is Paul Mitchell's "Daily Boost" and the volumizer is "Extra Body Sculpting Foam". When styling, use a large round brush when blow drying to give fullness for the day and for a sexy evening look, set your hair with large hot rollers and shake loose and spray. Permanent waving can chemically add more texture and volume to straight/fine hair.

Always get a professional recommendation from a stylist. They are trained to recommend the perfect cut to enhance your texture, facial shape and lifestyle. Seeing a stylist is a must to receive the chemical services needed to create the right texture for the style you choose. Basically, with the scientific technology available in the hair care industry, no matter what the texture you have naturally...it can be enhanced and maintained to look anyway you want it!

The great thing about Hair Products today is that there is a product that is just right for any hair texture. If you hair is curly -- there are wonderful anti frizz and glossers on the market.
My all time favorite invention in the hair tool category is the ceramic flat iron. Flat irons can create bone straight looks to wavy looks on any texture of hair. The heat is not a problem is you use the correct product to protect it. My favorite protectant is "Heat Seal" by Paul Mitchell. Word of advice...don't skimp on a flat iron. A good flat iron will run between $130 to $200 --- but it is worth it!

Cathy Toney
Hair Designer


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