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Summer Makeup Tips

Summer time is the time where the ďless is more concept?applies! Not only does it apply for clothing, but especially for makeup! During the summer we should really take it easy with the products that we put on our skin, especially since we will be spending a lot of time out in the sun. Here are some summer time makeup tips to help keep our skin healthy.


Keep it light this summer. Summerís the time to allow the skin to breathe and shine through. Itís best to use products that are multi-purpose such as a light moisturizer. Try using alternatives to foundations such as tinted moisturizers with SPF ingredients. Theyíre great when providing the skin with moisturizing elements and protect it from the sunís harsh rays.

When it comes to freckles, try not to overload with the foundation. Let your inner child shine through. Foundation applications should be sheer so that way your natural skin can shine through. It is good to carry a translucent pressed powder compact so you can blot and not cover the skin. While translucent powders can simply reset the makeup, blotting your skin with a pigmented powder adds more color to the skin.

Products that typically last longer on the skin during the hot summer months are products like cheek sticks and cr?e eye colours, which offer ease of application. For the eyes, a soft, shimmery neutral does it. As for the lips, they should be drenched in sheer colors. For a simpler evening look, simply apply a shimmer loose powder to the arms, neck and d?olletage and enhance the lips with a soft gloss.


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