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Mineral Make-up

Make up, as fantastic and convenient as it is, has consequences. It is one of the leading causes of wrinkles and fine lines for women. Especially after years of heavy applications, your skin is not going to be how it used to be. It can clog pores which can cause bacteria to grow, eventually leading to pimples and black heads. What can we do to avoid this without giving up the usage of our make up needs?

One way to help keep skin healthy is by switching to Mineral makeup!
Mineral make up is convenient, not only in a health matter, but also as a makeup job. It benefits you because, it looks and feels natural and stays on longer than some regular make up. It is great for sensitive skin because it is an anti-inflammatory (prevents swelling of the skin), and also uses no harmful ingredients. Most beneficial factor for Mineral makeup is that itís inorganic and contains no moisture.

This is extremely important due to the fact that bacteria need moisture to grow. Other fact is that it works in any climate, can contain sunscreen, and works well in humidity! That means even if you were to sweat, your make up stays put!


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