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In todayís fast paced world, we need to get back to the basics in personal hygiene. Developing good habits like brushing teeth and flossing after meals will insure a healthy, gorgeous set of teeth for years and will minimize paying hefty dental bills later. Many people spend thousands of dollars annually at the dentistís office because they fail to take five minutes to clean up after a meal.

To avoid this pitfall, if you can, after eating lunch go to the office restroom and floss/brush teeth or at home before doing anything else that would distract you from the task. Hold the brush at a forty-five degree angle when cleaning the upper and lower teeth and use a soft bristle toothbrush because anything harder will damage the gums. Make sure you get the inside row of teeth when doing this. Donít brush too hard because it will cause bleeding.

The next step is flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. Pull out seven inches of floss and wrap it around both middle fingers and tug until itís tight. Then carefully insert the floss between teeth and gently go down and underneath the gum-line and then up again; move the piece of floss as you go along. For fresh breath, please rinse with a mouthwash for that mint taste after brushing and flossing your teeth.
With enough practice, you will pick up speed and have excellent oral hygiene in no time and a better social life. Itís beneficial to maintain a beautiful smile by using this simple yet efficient beauty tip; your dentist and pocketbook will thank you.