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Eyelid Surgery

We can’t stress the fact enough that eye contact is one of the few ways we can judge a person’s character. While people talk about getting facelifts, one of the most popular revisions in cosmetic surgery involves the eyelids. As we grow older, our upper eyelids tend to droop and our lower eyelids start to get baggy. This results to an extremely tired, old look.


The surgical procedure that is known for this correction is known as “blepharoplasty.?Blepharoplasty removes the “fatty?pouches that cause these problems. When visible, the skin that has stretched over the years can also be removed. The drooping around the upper eyelid involves removal of excess skin, muscle, and fat. The incisions follow natural contour lines in the upper eyelids. The lower lid can be made on the inside, therefore leaving no visible scars.


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