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America's Best Cosmetic Show

Extreme Makeover, a reality TV drama, captured America’s attention last season and continues to do so.  It is not so difficult to understand why people are so fascinated by the show, since each patient goes through such a transformation that we have to admire the work done by cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic dentist, hair and fashion stylist along with makeup artist and personal trainer.


The show is far from the reality, since average American can not afford to hire a skilled makeover team.  That is why viewers are happy with watching someone go through a transformation, and keep a tiny hope alive for a future when it becomes affordable.

However, I think the show serves the audience a couple of lessons. 


First one is to convince people what really matters eventually is not what a person look outside but what a person is inside, since you can change the look, but cannot change what’s inside.  Secondly, we can all live better lives if we restore self-confidence.  The show portrays a person who is not only changed from the outside but also converted from inside with renewed confidence after cosmetic surgery.  It looks like makeover is money’s worth if one can afford it.


If you are interested in the show, go to website http://abc.go.com/primetime/extrememakeover.


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