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Pedicure Safety Tips DIY Manicure

What does the word Ďpedicure?bring to mind? Pampering and relaxation, or mycobacteria and staph infections? Pedicures have come ...


If your budget has been hit hard by the economic recession ?and whose hasnít? ?the weekly manicure you considered essential may have ...


5 Tips to Enjoying Your Day Spa Visit Chocolate Spa Treatments

There's just something about walking into a day spa, isn't there? It's a haven from your hectic every day life, an oasis that lets you do ...


Chocolate isnít the most unusual substance people have ever bathed in (case in point: a 17th century Hungarian countess was rumored ...


Spa Treatment: Body Wrapping Essences of Day Spa

The benefit of creating a permanent and natural loss has created a great deal of excitement! Body wrapping is a therapeutic treatment that is ...


Here are guidelines that The Day Spa Association has set which will help you to make the distinction between a facility that offers spa ...


Getting Manicure and Pedicure at The Spa Spa Etiquette

A manicure and pedicure at the spa is generally more expensive than what you get at the local nail salon. A spa manicure might be $25 vs ...


Most people's first spa experience is at a day spa. Whether you spend an hour or a whole day, the tips below will help you get the most out of ...


Types of Spas Choosing a Day Spa

What's The Difference Between A Day Spa, A Destination Spa and a Resort Spa? There are several types of spas, including day spas; salon ... Continue>>

When choosing a day spa, there's a lot to be said for convenience. Find the day spas in your area, and go pick up a menu of services.



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