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Types of massage

It is good to know differences between different massages and how they are performed before you receive one.

Polarity Massage - It stimulates relaxation, restores energy flow and encourages revitalization through rocking, holding and massaging.

Sports Massage - Technique of using quick and vigorous strokes, including deep tissue, on localized body parts where a specific activity may have caused exertion and muscle tightness.

Lymph Drainage - Massage treatment of the lymphatic system, which stimulates circulation, reduces edema (water retention) and frees up stored toxins, encouraging them to "flow" out of the body. Treatment is done either through manual massage, or as part of a hydrotherapy massage.

Swedish Massage - Massage technique employing gentle but firm manipulation of pressure points and muscles; massage oil or lotion is used to lubricate the skin to promote friction and ease of manipulation.

Thai Massage - This massage incorporates acupressure and yoga manipulations by the therapist on the recipient, who is situated on a mat on the floor.

Watsu - A massage treatment where the client and therapist are immersed in a pool of warm water. Treatment consists of pressure point massage, as in shiatsu, and rhythmic movements and stretches. Ideal in the treatment of stiffness and injured bone structure.


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