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Spa Treatment: Body Wrapping

The benefit of creating a permanent and natural loss has created a great deal of excitement! Body wrapping is a therapeutic treatment that is used to detoxify the body using simple all natural ingredients. These simple readily available ingredients have been used over the years traditionally to tighten and tone the skin and help stimulate the body to rid itself of trapped toxins, excess fat and excessive trapped lymph fluids. This detoxification improves the appearance of cellulite, creates inch loss, and helps tighten and tone the skin.

The inches lost you experience will remain unless you gain weight and put on new inches. Detoxifying the body through body wrapping not only creates inch loss and shrinking, it is also an excellent addition to any weight loss program. When losing weight on any reduction diet your skin can loose elasticity, start to sag and in some cases accentuate cellulite. Making you appear larger than you really are. Body wrapping can be a great support for any reduction program.

Body Wrap Facts:

  1. Body wrapping is safe, healthful and relaxing.

  2. Body wrapping solutions have the ideal ph for body skin.

  3. Firms body tissue and visibly tightens skin, especially after weight loss.

  4. Lets you determine where to slenderize hips, thighs, abdomen, etc.

  5. Body wrapping is not a "water wrap" or "dehydration" process. Inches lost will not return as long as you do not gain weight and get in a few times a year for a maintenance wrap.

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